Solar Panels: Top 3 Benefits of having them installed

solar panels

Did you know that roughly 51,000 households installed solar arrays between January and March of 2023? Solar panels have become more popular every year, providing a clean and safe alternative to fossil fuels.

But what are the main benefits of solar panels? Solar power is more than a growing sustainability trend.

If you’re curious to learn more about solar panels and their benefits, we’re here to help. From EV chargers to cutting down the cost of your bill, there are countless upsides to installing solar panels. Read on to learn the three greatest benefits of solar power.

1. Safer For the Environment

One of the greatest draws of solar power is its clean energy.

Traditional fossil fuels – coal, oil, natural gas, and some others – are the most common sources of energy. Studies show that fossil fuels make up about 70% of Europe’s energy.

These sources are a primary generator of dangerous greenhouse gasses and pollution. Solar power, in contrast, is clean and generates considerably less pollution.

Solar energy will generate small amounts of pollution during their manufacturing process. Transportation will also inherently cause pollution.

However, once installed, solar panels generate no pollution or CO2. As a result, they’re a key part of turning your home into an independent and sustainable feature of your community.

2. Energy for EV Chargers

Another great benefit of solar panels is their ability to replenish your electric vehicles.

As electric vehicles become more popular, many people are installing a home EV charging point. Unfortunately, these can cause your energy bills to increase significantly. Drawing more power from your home to charge your car will rack up hundreds of dollars over the month.

Your solar panels can have batteries linked to your EV chargers. Make sure you discuss this during your EV charger installation so the technicians can set the charging system up properly. Once your charging station is drawing from your solar energy, your vehicle will run without cost.

3. Financial Benefits

Speaking of saving money, did you know that there are financial benefits to installing solar panels?

Many people hesitate to install solar panels out of concern about the high up-front price. Once they’re installed, they will lower your electricity bill considerably. By generating your own power, you won’t draw on your local grid, reducing your energy consumption.

There are also many home grants some areas in the UK and Europe will offer. These programmes will fund your solar panel installation and cover the bulk of the cost.

In some areas, there are also incentives for the energy you generate. If you generate more than you use, that excess energy will go into your local community. Doing so reduces the strain on your local power provider, often rewarding you with credits toward your account.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy is a great way to lead a greener and more sustainable life. Look into programmes that will help fund the cost and incentivise you for generating energy. Consider using your solar panels to power your EV charging points.

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